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Website Design, Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get Online Fast With Our Website Services

A website is critical to any business. But a website ALONE is not enough. You need to know that when you hire someone to create a website for your business, that they know how to build one that is optimized for organic, local and paid search, and that it is set up with the proper analytics tools to launch your marketing efforts. Think of your website as “ground zero” for marketing. It is not marketing, but it enables marketing.

We start with a discussion about your business and your goals and customize an approach suited to meet your needs and budget. Once we gather your requirements, we provide a time and cost estimate, and a statement of work — defining what will be delivered and when — for your approval.

Based on our meeting, we'll create an outline for your website to show the pages and how they connect and an outline of the content for each page. Then we'll gather content — your own personal photos and documents or we can use professional stock images to build a visually vibrant website. We build your personal brand by paying attention to all the details - colors, fonts and imagery to help tell the story of your business.

Once complete, we will publish your site and maintain it — working with you to ensure content remains "fresh." Search engines are always updating their algorithms of how they rank websites and web pages, and it's important to evolve along with them, otherwise your site will never show up in search listings.

Get Found Online With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting people to find and visit your website through search results is both art and science. As a critical part of the design & development process, we pay careful attention to the elements which are not obvious to us, but that search engines read in order to determine your sites/page(s) relevance in the delivery of search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical element to being found online and building an online reputation that leads to engagement. With the tools and expertise to guide keyword planning and appropriate implementation of SEO best practices across all your site's pages, we can help your business align for results in both local and organic search. We address both on-page and off-page tactics to build your site's relevance and get found.

So what the heck does all this mean?

When people enter a word or string in the google box, google searches through millions of indexed webpages to find the best match it can based on search criteria (the words you typed in) as well as other criteria… stuff that google doesn't spell out quite exactly. But what you need to know is that google delivering your site at the top or the results page is based on several factors — the page's relevance to the search string, and the quality of the site itself. What does google look for? Quick-loading, content-rich pages that are relevant to the search topic. Also, age, trust factors along with fresh code, proper syntax, SSL encryption and having all the proper tags (meta, alt, etc.) are some of the other factors google considers when determine which web pages rank highest and why. And the Google algorithm changes all the time—always getting smarter.

Give your business the best opportunity to be found AND be chosen…. by integrating a comprehensive local search strategy into your overall SEO. This means not only actively managing all off-page SEO (business listings) but the feedback residing there as well. This can make or break your business!

So you can see that getting your webpages/website to come out on page 1 let alone entry 1 in organic or local search is not as easy as putting up a website.

If you build your website and nobody finds it…. it's not helping you.

But we are experts in all things SEO and can help your website be found.

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Affordable Services For Your Growing Business

Whether you need one web page or a complex web-site, we can help and the price won't break you. We have solutions to meet every budget and we'll customize a solution that's right for you. We provide website hosting, development, maintenance; we also work with self-hosted sites and provide 1 on 1 consulting if needed. We also support social media marketing either as a consultant or as a service provider. We can work with you to build a content management process to make posting via social media faster and easier.

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