Business Launch Training

If you’re really just getting started with your business…


You probably have a million questions on how and where exactly to start.

Maybe you’ve just decided to start a home-based or online or local business but haven’t actually done any of the setup work yet.  This online course will guide you through ALL the steps of building your business from the ground up — from researching and choosing a business name, to ensuring that name is available for a website, to building your website (if you want to DIY and learn how to do it the right way), we’ve got you covered.

What’s the deal?

This is a course developed for anyone who really has a teeny tiny budget but still wants to get online.

Launch your home-based, online or local business quickly and easily, and when you’re ready to grow, we’re here to help.

Are you retired?  Bored?  Do you miss the sense of purpose you had when you were working?  This is perfect for you.  Launching a home-based or online business is great for retirees.  You know who you are — you have so much experience and so much knowledge to offer the world.  Why not put all that experience and knowledge to work earning you money.  And, what’s great about starting a home-based or online business in retirement is you can deduct all your business expenses right off the top of your earnings.  So it can be a great way to keep active AND maintain some valuable income tax deductions.

Even better – when you build a business around something you love, that thing you love can become a business expense. Have a boat?  Do boat tours and write off the business portion of the use of that boat.

Do you like playing pickleball?  If you’re pretty good, you could start a little business selling pickleball lessons to people who want to start out.

Working in retirement is an ideal way to manage your expenses, reduce your tax burden, stay busy and meet people.  Your social life doesn’t have to end when you leave your job.

Here’s What You Get:

Over 40 step-by-step training videos

Access the videos anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.  Watch them as many times as you need.

Digital assets bundle

You’re not starting your business from scratch because this training offers free swipe files – like pricing templates, tax deduction listings, cash flow planner, policy templates, service provider contract templates and more.

Feature-rich free tools & resources

You will be amazed at how inexpensively you can launch your own business.  We’ll provide you with a robust list of tools and resources, many of which are totally free.

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