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The following links are some of our favorite resources. They provide tremendous value at a reasonable cost.  We’re always adding new recommendations to help our small businesses.


Why do we recommend them?  Because we use them. Every single one of these software tools is one we either have used or still currently use.  Full disclosure here – we are affiliated with some of these providers, so we do get a small fee for new signups. But that’s not why we recommend them… it’s just every little bit helps for we small business people.











Product & Service Recommendations



01. Set-Up

These tools provide the basic set up for your website — registering your domain/business name, setting up hosting and “https” security if you need it.  You can also set up a professional business email address and private VPN — all for very very low cost.


Domain registration

Shared Hosting

SSL Security Certificates

Business Email

VPN (Virtual Private Network

Managed WordPress Accounts



02. Marketing

Have the basics of your business online presence in place, but looking to do more serious marketing?  These tools will help guide you to DIY marketing.  Whether you plan to DIY or hire an agency to help with your online marketing, understanding the basics will help you be a smarter business owner, and get more out of your digital marketing relationships.


One Funnel Away Challenge

Dot Com Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Book

Affiliate Bootcamp

FuFunnelscripts Expert Copywriting Tools

Funnel Gorgeous™ Website & Funnel Templates

Online Course Creation & Management



03. Support Tools

Ready for even more?  These tools will help you with everything from great online automation tools, to competitive research and understanding google analytics so you can measure your website traffic and increase it.


APP Sumo

Quickbooks Self Employed

SEO Research

Google Analytics Training

CloudApp Screen Video Recording