Website SEO Audit

Want Better SEO Rank?

It all starts with understanding what’s going on under the cover of your website. Actually, it’s more than that, but we’re keeping it as simple as possible.

Once you have your website up and running – that’s the first step.  Next, you need to do some stuff to try to get your web pages to rank in Google.  Why?  So that when your *potential* customers are in google looking for help to solve their problems, your web pages show up in their search results.

But, how does that happen?

Think of google like a big database. Every word, every image, every video that’s ever been put on the internet is indexed – meaning, the search engines skim every web page and make a catalog of the content.  

When someone goes to Google and searches for something, they are entering “search terms” in that database, and Google then looks to find a match between what the person searching is looking for, and content on the internet that it deems is most relevant.

And that’s the key “most relevant” this is where Google’s ranking factors come into play — things like not just keywords, but website quality, structure, speed, and more are just some of the 200+ factors Google considers when ranking web pages.

special is basically the “Business Starter” package adjusted a bit to accommodate the special needs of the registered 501(c)(3) charity.  We recognize that nonprofit organizations depend on donor support and we can help you build a website that will allow your charity to accept online donations, deliver important information and reach the public.

With this package, you’ll get everything you need to properly launch your charity online and get it done quickly.

We can help you define your brand, create a logo, handle all the tech stuff and get your website up and running.

It’s never been faster or easier to get online and understand the process.

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