Business Starter Website Package

Business Starter Package

The business starter package is perfect for anyone with a new business but no website or online presence (yet) or someone who wants to launch a business.  With this package, you’ll get everything you need to properly launch your business online and get it done quickly.

Not only do we help with the branding — the look and feel — of everything, but we handle all the tech stuff too. So whether you have a domain already, or need one to be set up – have no worries. We’ll help you get the whole thing set up.  It’s never been faster or easier to get online and understand the process.

Who Can Get This Deal?

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who:

…are just getting started and need a website.

…already in business but still don’t have a proper website

…and don’t know exactly how to get started

…don’t have a huge budget but want “agency” results

…have been told by local agencies they’re too small

…have an out-of-date website that looks like it’s 1999 still

…want to get found in Google searches

…want more customers and more sales

…want an insanely affordable way to get into the world of online marketing

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the fine print

Offer Details

Platform, Domain & Hosting

Your website will be professionally developed using the WordPress platform.  Domain registration, website hosting and SSL are not included in the price and should be purchased directly by the customer (We will provide you with step-by-step video instruction on where and how to do this.  Domain registration + hosting costs about $20/year.)

Customer will temporarily provide Agency with their hosting login + password in order to install platform and build website.  This ensures that Customer is 100% owner of their business domain and website.

Website Content Limitations (words & images)

While it would be lovely to offer unlimited website size/content, but for this low fee, we have to draw the line at not more than 3 individual pages consisting of 800 words and 6 images total.

If you need more than that, we can give you a price for the additional content once that additional work is defined.

Any image files you give us (photos, logos, etc.) must be proper resolution to be included to ensure high quality.  (We will inform you if there is any problem here and recommend solution).  Free stock images will be used if you do not provide any images.

Editing & Changes To Your Content

This offer includes 2 rounds of edits on all creative (website, logo, social media graphics), where one “round” is defined as:  you provide the input (copy/images), we develop materials and delivers to you for review.  You provide any changes needed.  This ends round 1. Additional rounds (if you need more than 2 rounds of edits) can be purchased for a small, reasonable fee.

Ongoing changes and/or website maintenance is not included but can be purchased at any time.  You will have complete ownership and access to all materials once the work is complete, including website login for future changes/maintenance.

Graphics Formats & Delivery

Any/all graphics produced for the project will be your property once the work is completed and has been paid in full.

Images created (social media graphics, logos, etc.) will be sent to you in the proper online format (JPG or PNG) depending on use/need and will be delivered electronically.

Website Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of your domain registration, hosting, website and Facebook business page is your responsibility unless you sign up for one of our affordable maintenance agreements. Training on how to update/maintain website is available for a fee if you wish to learn to make changes yourself.

Project Timing/Completion Time

We are able to complete most work in usually 1 week and not more than 2 weeks.

Most delays are due to our customers needing more time to review drafts, provide feedback or provide initial content or access to hosting account.

We are not liable for any delays caused by customer.

Both Customer (you) & Agency (us) agree to respond to inquiries and provide data in a timely manner in order to complete project quickly.

If project exceeds 2 weeks (14 calendar days) due to Customer delays, Agency will complete the work but client may not maintain top priority as other Customers are in already in queue.  If project is not completed within 3 months, Agency is under no obligation to complete the work.

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